Booting Back Up

Wow, it’s been a minute. I had to do a little bit of reading and fiddling to even make sure I still knew how to update my own blog :\ . What’s up with my absence? I guess there isn’t really a good reason for it, just fell out of a practice and it’s a shame that it happened.

I’ve spent that last couple of years growing my Elixir craft as well as picking up on dotnet-core; however, I don’t think I’m where I should be in my growth. After really taking stock of my life both professionally and personally I’m not where I thought I’d be. Blogging is really a big part of that and it’s for that reason I’m picking it back up. There is so much I could be and will be talking about.

So… what am I really saying? I’ve taken stock of my life recently and am ready to make some changes in it; and blogging again is one of them. For a starting goal I’ll try to post at least twice a week. Hopefully as time goes on it will pick up more consistently.