Undo Git Commits to Wrong Branch Locally

Ever thought you have started commiting work to a new branch and realized your still working off of the wrong branch? Up until today I would normally rewind my commit(s), then switch to the branch I should have had and re-commit my work. It turns out this whole time I could have been doing this…

git branch -m the-branch-i-should-have-been-on

This in no way harms the branch you where on as it will just pull down the remote again that you were on originally on! Meaning the following chain of commands will work out just fine…

# on master when I thought I was on feature-x
git commit -m "Feature X was added because we needed more magic"
# Ahhhh crap, I'm on master!
git branch -m feature-x
git push origin feature-x
git checkout master # it's master from before I commited Feature X!

Shout out to Nola for showing me this.