Endless River Is Here!

I have been a huge Pink Floyd fan for most of my life, and I was pretty happy to hear when the new album “Endless River” was coming out. I decided to pre-order my collectors copy a couple months ago and since it showed up on my doorstep it has been playing non-stop.

Of course; nobody wants to keep their music just on CD. You probably want it in mp3 format for your portable player and so you can back it up to the cloud. The program I found for ripping CDs is asunder. If you are using Ubuntu this should do the trick to get yourself ripping mp3s.

# Note, also installing "lame" for mp3 conversion
sudo apt-get install asunder lame

While I can’t say this is my favorite album from Pink Floyd, it definitely is up there with it’s sister “Division Bell” from which most of the music was recorded for as a second part.