Hydroponic Peas

Here at the Fluencr office we have had a trusty peace lilly plant since the first week we moved in. My wife recommended it to us as they are known to help pull odors out of the air and so far it has been an amazing plant. Then a couple weeks ago by business partner decided to grow his own plant in the office, a pea plant.

With a handfull of pea seeds, some starting blocks, and a plastic grow bin he started this fascinating journey. Only one out of three seeds made it to a sproutling and that is when things really got interesting. We designed out a small hydroponic jar for the seedling and it seems to be doing fairly well.

Doing this has me excited to start my own plants at home! Here are a couple snapshots of “Peaty”. You can see that in just four days he has grown like a champ!

"Peaty" on 12-02-2013 "Peaty" on 12-06-2013