Google Analytics CLI - Part 1

I am working on learning the in’s and out’s to Google Analytics. I use it with my blog and it is quite addictive to watch traffic come in with all kinds of yummy metrics. The only thing I really don’t care for is having to use Google’s web interface to see how my site is doing. Since I am in the middle of leveling up my CLI skills I decided to build a command line tool that can fetch my Google Analytics.

A quick search on GitHub brought up no other current projects really doing anything of this sort which had me feeling pretty good. My next place to check was over at Rubygems, since I plan on building this into a gem package. My gem name of “ga-cli” wasn’t taken so I guess it’s offical!

I want to build this as a packaged gem and there is an easy way to initialize it with Bundler using the following command…

bundler gem ga-cli

That produces an empty project skelton ready for me to start hacking away on. I promptly put it into version control and this is what the code looks like on the initial commit.

After cleaning up the ga-cli.gemspec file I used the following commands to get my blank gem pushed up to Rubygems to stake my claim with the package name.

gem build ga-cli.gemspec
gem push ga-cli-0.0.1.gem

Now my gem is sitting up on Rubygems, you can check it out here. It doesn’t do anything yet but hopefully in the coming nights I can get some more work cranked out on it.