The Week of In-Laws

The start of my weekend was spent helping prepare our house for the coming of my in-laws. The wife and I super cleaned everything and put the finishing touches on the guest bedroom. They showed up Sunday in the afternoon with their two dogs and so far no problems to report. Our goal now is to pack each day with activities to keep us all occupied.

It was raining for about three days strait here in Vegas and I think it finally took it’s toll on our internet as it went out and didn’t come back until sometime Sunday morning. It is crazy how we have so little to do in the house when the internet is down… it may be time to find some alternative forms of entertainment and hobbies.

On a different front, I finally started playing some of BioShock Infinite. So far I like it, but not as much as the original BioShock. I liked the dark creepy feeling that was ever constant in the first one and the epic Big Daddy fights that happened. Infinite one doesn’t seem to have as much of those in it. Having said that, the story line is pretty awesome so far and having a companion following you around that is part of the story line is pretty cool as well.