Las Vegas Ruby Users Group

Last night I went to my second Las Vegas Ruby Users Group meetup with my wife and really enjoyed it. One of the dudes talked on the topic of Hypermedia APIs. That discussion could be distilled down to the idea that it is structured like any other API, but, with an emphasis on providing meta data in the payload on where it and related data can be found.

Example JSON Data Payload
"id": 7,
"title": "Example Title",
"content": "Ever post has content right?",
"categories": [ "Example", "Test" ],
{ "rel":"author", "href":"/author/6" },
{ "rel":"comments", "href":"/posts/7/comments" },
{ "rel":"self", "href":"/posts/7" },
{ "rel":"posts", "href":"/posts" },
{ "rel":"categories", "href":"/categories" }

A quick example of this was given in rails with a GEM that may turn into my favorite json building tool ROAR. I plan on testing it out more to see how I like it.